We spent Thanksgiving at my MIL's house this year (we rotate each year between her house and my parent's house) and had a really nice, relaxing day.

My MIL had the table set when we got there and it looked so pretty.

Everything was ready except for the gravy, which is always the Island King's job.
The man makes the best gravy you'll ever put in your mouth.

He always uses browned flour but we forgot to bring that with us so he had to brown some at her house.

She had never seen it done so was interested in watching how he did it.

The only thing about browning the flour is that it HAS to be done outside because it smokes like crazy and even after you get the smoke out of the house the smell lingers for days.

Once the gravy was ready we sat down to a wonderful feast.

Everything was SO good but I managed not to hurt myself like I usually do. It's amazing how much better you feel if you don't eat 2 tons of food in one sitting.

It was a beautiful afternoon so after dinner we spent the rest of the day outside.

See the ball the Youngest Island Boy is holding? His father started tossing the ball around and guess where it ended up?

My MIL walked outside and told the boys to be careful so the ball wouldn't end up on the roof again and both of them started laughing and told her that they weren't the ones who threw it up there - Dad did that LOL

I love this picture of the Island Girl. The look on her face is pretty much the standard look she has whenever she's watching the boys.

We had a really nice day but it always feels a little odd to me not to be surrounded by people on Thanksgiving.

My BIL and his family are in Disney World for the week so it was just us, my inlaws and my MIL's brother.

I come from a huge family with a lot of Aunts and Uncles and a ton of cousins.

The Island King's family is small with no cousins and only one Uncle.

It's more intimate but it feels odd not to have a house or yard full of relatives.

Of course, when he's at one of my family events he's always amazed at how many people are there - and that we're all related LOL

It was a wonderful day and I'm so thankful for all of the blessings that God has given me.

I'd love it if we had Thanksgiving every Thursday!