Carpentry Merit Badge

This year the Boy Scouts are celebrating their 100 year anniversary.

As part of the celebration a select few special merit badges are being offered. They can only be earned in 2010 and will really be something special to the boys later on in life.

Our Troop has been working on Carpentry, Tracking, Pathfinding and Signalling.

The boys had a work day not long ago for their Carpentry badge. Everything has to be done as it was in the scouting book issued in 1910 - which means no power tools.

They're making stools and have learned to use a lot of hand tools that most of them have never even seen before.

And being Boy Scouts they have to do the majority of the work without help.

Their scout leader and several other dads have been there to help but the task is really on the boys.

They've done a really good job but the majority of them were eyeing the power tools in the shop and talking about how much easier it would have been for people in 1910 if they'd had even half of the tools we have now.

So they've learned how to use almost obscure tools and to appreciate how hard it was back then and how easy they have it today.

Over all I'd say that no matter how the stools turn out they've learned some good lessons.