Christmas Day

Christmas Day we went to my parent's house and spent the day with my family.

My Dad smoked a turkey the day before and then fried another one Christmas morning.

Normally, this is where everyone hangs out, keeping him company, but this year it was cold and raining. The Island King hung out with him for a little while but the rest of us stayed inside.

The kids held out as long as possible but it wasn't long before they were declaring that "It was time to open presents!"

And of course there were more Nerf guns. I'm beginning to think we now own every gun Nerf makes.

There was a TON of food. And a bunch of hungry people to eat it.

This is my mother telling me to put the camera down and fix my children a plate.

Which I did.

We ate and then watched A Christmas Story - which is hands down my most favorite Christmas movie.

When that BB pops back and hits Ralphie in the eye I absolutely die laughing - every time.

It was a wonderful day filled with family we love. Exactly as it should be.