Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with my in-laws this year and as always we had a great time.

My nieces and nephew looked so sweet in their Christmas outfits.

My children, on the other hand, refuse to dress up at all anymore and while they're just as sweet as the other kids they rock a more "casual" look. Which they refuse to give up.

Whenever you put them all together you can always tell which ones are mine.

It's that different drummer thing. They got a double dose from both their Dad and I so we really aren't surprised.

Not long after everyone arrived the kids couldn't wait any longer so the present opening began.

Their were squeals of delight from everyone in the room.

The Oldest Island Boy got a hatchet - which he considers the coolest thing he's ever owned.

I'm really not comfortable with this but he's earned his "Toting Chip" in Boy Scouts which means he's passed a bunch of tests and is considered to be safe with knives, axes and hatchets.

"Lots of the guys have them" he told me today.

That doesn't make me feel any better.

The Youngest got the Nerf gun of his dreams.

His brother got one too and the bullets are still flying.

My MIL is one of the most talented people I've ever met and she crocheted this shawl and gloves for the Island Girl.

She also made these sort of ski masks. We never could come up with a name for them but they are definitely cool.

The Island King, his brother, both of my boys and I each got one. They will be much appreciated when we're hiking or fishing in the cold.

She also crocheted thick socks for the boys. Uncle R loved his.

She made so much cool stuff that I'm going to write a post about it next week and show off her beautiful work.

There was a big, machete, bushwhacker thing from the Island King to his brother.

There's another one just like it under our tree that he bought for himself.

I think my MIL got the biggest surprise of all.

After all of the presents were unwrapped my BIL told her he had one more thing but it was too big to wrap.

He came in and she looked at it for a minute trying to figure out what it was

And then she realized he was holding an electric grill for her picnic table.

To say she was excited is an understatement. She said she's wanted one for a very long time.

What is it about boys, cammo gear and weapons?

We ate a big dinner and then played with our new toys for the rest of the afternoon.

It was a wonderful, relaxing Christmas Eve and we loved every minute of it.