Dirty Little Rat

There is a geocache not far from my house that I've been wanting to grab for a while now but there were enough clues on the log page to let me know that the container was something I wouldn't like.

At first I thought it might be a plastic snake but the name of the cache is "Ben" and after thinking about it I remembered that old movie about the rats and decided it was more likely to be a rat than a snake.

I'm not scared of rats like I am snakes but at the same time I'm not fond of rats and the idea of finding one hiding in a bush kind of creeped me out.

So I enlisted the help of the Oldest Island Boy who loves all things creepy.

The cache was about a mile from the nearest parking so we took off on our hike and enjoyed spending some time, just the two of us.

Once we got to ground zero we started poking through the bushes and sure enough there he was.


The Oldest crawled into the bush and brought him out.

Even plastic rats are creepy.

It's a great cache though.

From the top he looks like a regular rat.

But underneath a small hole has been cut into his belly and that's where the cache log is.

I was really glad to have the Oldest along to do the dirty work and all I had to do was sign the log.

My dislike for rats aside, I love these kinds of caches. Original, fun and much better than the ones stuck under parking lot light skirts.

But I'm still glad I didn't have to touch it LOL