Our Christmas Eve Visitor

On Christmas Eve Buddy the Beagle jumped up and went running to the back door, barking like crazy.

I let him out, expecting him to run on through the Florida room and out into the back yard.

Instead he ran to the corner of the Florida room and went nuts. Barking and baying and trying his best to get up into the corner.

There's an old chair that needs repairing and several other "projects" I'm going to get to one day in that corner and he was going crazy trying to get behind all of it.

Which could only mean one thing.

There's something in that corner that's not supposed to be there.

Long ago, the Island King and I divided up certain duties. He doesn't do laundry and I don't catch critters or kill bugs. It works well for us.

Since this was obviously his department I sent one of the kids out to the office to get him.

He came in with a big stick, put Buddy back in the house and then started looking for whatever Buddy had been barking at.

I hear him laughing and then he tells the Oldest Island Boy to get my camera.

This is what they found hiding under the old chair.

And he seemed pretty determined not to leave.

The Island King kept trying to push him towards the door with his stick but the opossum wouldn't budge.

It took almost 10 minutes of pushing and prodding to get him to run out the Florida room door.

I like opossums but I don't want one living in my Florida room.

I hated to put him out into the cold on Christmas Eve but he had to go.

We've got 7 cats and 2 dogs and I think adding an opossum to the mix would just be too much.

See, Mom, I'm not an "animal hoarder" like you think I am LOL