Our Visit With Santa

We took the kids to see Santa last tonight at Bass Pro Shop.

The line wasn't very long and I was watching the little bitty ones climb up on Santa's lap and remembering when mine were that little.

And then the ladies in front of us took their babies up to see Santa.

There was a woman standing next to me that said "Just when you think you've seen it all - something like this happens"

I can't imagine what would happen if we took our Beagle to see Santa. He'd either lick him to death or bark him to death. Either way, I am sure he wouldn't have been anywhere close to behaving as well as these two did.

We only had our two legged babes with us and the Youngest really wanted to talk to Santa.

He told me later that he asked Santa for a tuxedo and a memory eraser like they have in the movie Men in Black.

I had no idea he wanted a tuxedo or a memory eraser.

When he finished, the rest of the kids joined him for a picture.

I got a little teary eyed watching all of the other babies and seeing how big mine have gotten.

I blinked and they're half grown. Amazing how fast that happens.

I wish it would slow down just a little.