The Polar Express Was a Success!

Today was the day we've all been waiting and working for - The Destin Christmas Parade.

And the Polar Express was awesome!!!

We lined up to wait for the parade to begin and all of the scouts were thrilled with how good the float looked.

The parade began and around the corner we came.

We had smoke coming out of the smokestack and the sound track from the Polar Express playing and I heard so many people talk about how good it looked.

It didn't hurt that the float was filled with cute little boys wearing Santa hats, waving American flags, tossing candy and yelling Merry Christmas.

The Youngest Island Boy had the time of his life and was hoarse when we got home frm yelling Merry Christmas so loud.

Unfortunately, the float behind us was also the Polar Express.

I heard a guy from that float on the phone while we were waiting for the parade to start and he said "You are NOT going to believe what's in front of us"

During the parade he was yelling "We're the Polar Express too!"

I felt kind of bad for them.

There were 69 floats total in the parade and they were really fun to watch.

I loved these three little ones

And the bear was too cute

These folks had the right idea for getting candy

This sign says "Throw candy here" but they didn't get near as much as the people with the crab nets.

We got to the judge's station and my BIL came to a full stop, giving them a good long look at our float. They were talking, smiling and pointing and I think they really liked it.

AJ's had a cool float

This It's a Wonderful Life float looked good

And I loved the Ice Cream guys

Being a huge snowman fan I loved this guy

And I'm a lover of gingerbread houses as well

This church float had live music

And this couple danced next to him during the entire parade.

The Billy Bowlegs crew were there, firing cannons and throwing beads.
They have such cool float and participate not only in the Bowlegs parade but in all of the parades in the area.

They always look like they're having so much fun.

And it wouldn't be Christmas without the Grinch

Santa always comes last on the Fire Truck and he's always got a LOT of candy to throw.

We had such a good time and the Polar Express was really a hit. It was definitely worth the work we put in!