Sunset Cache at the Jetties

Back in August someone hid a geocache out near the jetties but for some reason I never made it out there to find it.

Now that I've got the fever again I wanted to go find it.

None of the kids wanted to go so the Island King and I set out Sunday afternoon on a hike to the jetties.

This has to be one of the pretties walks you can take.

This guy came by and even though I'm scared of heights I think that looks really fun.

The sunset was beautiful. There's something about clouds around the setting sun that I just love.

We found the cache easily, signed the log and crossed it off our list.

There was an odd memorial set up down by the water.

It was covered in sunglasses and goggles and there were piles of shoes underneath it.


We sat down on the jetties and watched the moon rise.

After the moon rose it was time to go home, feed the kids and relax.

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.