The Tackiest Christmas Outfit

Last night the Island Girl came in and told me that she's going to a Tackiest Christmas Outfit party at school and wanted my help putting together something really tacky.

At first I was a little offended.

Why would she think I'd have anything tacky that she could wear?

She muttered something under her breath about having seen me in some seriously tacky Christmas clothes before and she was sure I'd have what she needed in my closet.

So off to my closet we went, me intent on showing her that I don't own tacky clothes and her, positive I would have just what she needed.

Let me just say folks that this was a serious, eye opening experience for me.

Turns out I have a closet FULL of tacky stuff.

We looked through several of my Christmas shirts and she picked a black one with sequins all over it, telling me this was really tacky and would be great.

I've worn this sweater several times during the holidays with black dress pants and never felt tacky - but once she put it on I realized my taste level may be a little off and that the sweater is indeed quite tacky.

We added some baggy black pants that to my credit I know are tacky and haven't worn in years.

A snowman pin and some red and green beads added to the overall tackiness of the outfit.

But then came the piece de resistance. My Christmas shoes.

I love these shoes and wear them every year but she took one look at them and declared them to be the ugliest, tackiest things she's ever seen.

After seeing them on her I'm wavering a little. They might be a little tacky but I still like them.

She put the outfit on and TA-DA

We have one seriously tacky Christmas outfit.

She thinks she'll win a prize just for the shoes alone.

As I stood there looking at her I realized that her tacky outfit came straight out of my closet.

The Oldest Island Boy has always been my GQ boy and is big into "looking good". The boy is worse than a woman and is even concerned about how he looks when we're going to be bushwacking through the woods.

So he looks at his sister and then looks at me and says "Mom, we HAVE GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR WARDROBE!"

After seeing the Island Girl's outfit I'm pretty sure he's right.

It's quite embarrassing to realize that outfit came out of my closet and I'm definitely thinking I may need to update my wardrobe a little.

UPDATE: The Island Girl won the tackiest outfit contest - by a landslide.

I don't know if I should be proud of her or mortified that she got all of that out of the closet.