Timber Lake

Last weekend my Dad, the boys and I spent the entire day at Timber Lake.

Timber Lake is part of Eglin Reservation and there are a lot of biking trails as well as hiking trails, a few roads, and of course miles of overgrown terrain for those of us who always seem to take the hard way in.

And right in the middle of this area is Timber Lake.

Which is clear and beautiful.

Our plan was to look for geocaches that are placed in that area and with a little bushwacking we found quite a few of them.

The thing about these caches in the woods is that they are always...

In there.

But that's what makes it fun.

It's beautiful out there.

The deer moss was really thick.

I love this stuff.

One of the caches we were looking for was a play on Calvin and Hobbs and basically it talked about needing to be a tiger to get this cache.

We got the right coordinates and after looking around for a minute the Youngest Island Boy said "Uh Oh!" We looked to see what he was talking about and found the cache.

I've seen caches in trees before but those trees are usually good climbing trees. This tree was not.

The Youngest said he wanted to climb up there and get the cache since he spotted it first. Which was good because I knew neither me or Dad were going to be able to climb up there.

He got about that far and then just couldn't get his leg high enough to make the next step and down he came.

The Oldest said he wanted to do it so up he went.

He made it to the cache but couldn't get above it. He then struggled to open the ammo can lid (which really should be pulled from the top) for quite awhile. I was impressed when he was able to open it from underneath.

He reached as far as he could and was only able to grab the log. Which was all we really needed but he couldn't see or reach the other stuff in the can.

Might have been some good trade stuff in there but we certainly weren't going to be able to see it LOL

We beat the tiger on this cache but if these cachers keep this up I'll need a rope ladder and someone to climb it for me in my backpack!

We had a picnic at the lake and while it was chilly and a little windy we still enjoyed it.

After lunch we needed to get to the other side of the lake so we drove as far as we could and then found the head of the lake.

Surprisingly no one ended up going down on their butt. And our walking sticks really helped going up the other side!

The head was gorgeous.

I decided to get comfortable and really take some good shots from down there until the Oldest says "That looks like a nice spot to get a good shot of a snake"

Which is all it took for me to climb back up the hill and continue one.

We found a lot of caches, drove almost every road out there, hiked several miles, bushwacked our way through yards of briars and brush and then ended the day with the Spider Night Cache.

It was such a good day.

I should have been doing other things but being out there is like chicken soup for my soul so I'm considering it a mental health day.

Which I'm going to need again real soon!