An Age Old Question Answered

While we were looking around the old crash sight my Dad came across this.

Knowing that the Oldest Island Boy has been studying tracking he called him over and asked what he thought left this scat.

The Oldest said he didn't know and then explained that he'd been learning about tracks and how to follow something but that scat had not been discussed.

Which is something the Boy Scouts missed because in hindsight I see that scat identification could be important if you are tracking something.

I came home and Googled bear scat and here's what I found. Look at the third picture on the top row.

Looks just like the picture I took.

Bear poop.

On the way home I told my dad that finally, the age old question "Does a bear $#&^ in the woods?" has been answered.

And I have a picture to prove it!

I know this is a crappy post but I just couldn't help myself LOL