The Oldest Island Boy's Birthday

Yesterday was the Oldest Island Boy's 9th Birthday.

It's hard to believe my little 2 pound preemie is such a big 9 year old.

We got him a really good quality boogie board and he loves it.

He got to plan his day and of course he wanted Pop-Pop to come over and us go to the beach like we did for the Youngest Island Boy's birthday.

We got to the State park and it was lightning on the other side of the Bay so we hung around the pavilion for a while, ate our lunch and waited for the storm to move on.

Luckily it did and we were able to hit the beach.

The waves weren't that good for boogie boarding but he did catch a few good ones.

Him, the Youngest and the Island King spent a lot of time snorkeling and he found a small whole sand dollar.

I told him that means he'll have good luck for 7 years. He's pretty happy about that.

Pop-Pop spent a lot of time with him in the water too swimming and trying to catch some good waves.

Later in the afternoon it was time for Pop-Pop to start back to Gulf Breeze so we went home and the Oldest got his stuff and went home with him.

He's going to spend a few days hanging out with Na-Na and Pop-Pop and helping with his cousins.

I called him last night to say goodnight and he said he had a really good birthday.

I'm glad. You're a good boy son and you deserve it.