Plastic Town

I know I've said over and over again that you can find the coolest things while out geocaching and this is one of those things that prove it.

Plastic Town.

We were looking for interesting caches to find and after reading THIS we knew we had to find it.

A city that has sank into the hard packed north end of the County dirt?

My Dad, the boys and I loaded up and headed out.

It felt a little like we were looking for Atlantis - on Eglin Air Force Base.

Except we'd seen the town on the satellite so we knew it existed.

What we found was something really cool.

The military has set up giant white plastic tarps in the shape of a city.

On the ground you can't even tell that it's laid out like a city but from above there it is.

It's used as a bombing practise site and is often closed to the public so the cache was only available at certain time.

It's closed now because of construction and that area is completely off limits.

But it was open the day we went and we saw quite a few ordinances. I have no idea if they were live or not. Being intelligent people we don't mess with them - at all.

After wandering around a bit we found the shed where the trader collected goodies and swapped a few with him.

It was odd sitting on a tarp but knowing that from the air it would look like we were sitting behind a building.

Plastic Town definitely rates as one of the most interesting things I've found out geocaching.

Who knows what I'll find next...