Safety and Finger Prints

The Youngest Island Boy's cub scout den were fortunate to have an Investigator from the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office come to our den meeting to help us with one of our Achievements - Law Enforcement is a Big Job.

The Officer was very nice and spent some time explaining safety to the boys and then explained the many tasks that law enforcement officials have.

It was an interesting talk but the boys were particularly excited when he told them he was going to teach them how to take fingerprints.

He took a piece of Plexiglas and then had a boy put his hand on it.

Then he used a container of some kind of charcoal like dust and a soft brush to brush the dust all over the Plexiglas.

Next, he took a piece of clear packing tape and carefully placed it over the area he'd dusted.

He slowly lifted the tape and there were the fingerprints.

He put the tape on a white card and showed the boys what would be considered evidence if a crime had been committed.

He says this is a good example of what the prints they find look like. According to him all that fancy stuff you see on CSI doesn't happen here in Okaloosa County.

Then each boy got to have his fingerprints taken.

They took turns, having their prints taken and then getting to dust for prints.

They were all very proud of their fingerprint cards

What they don't know is that now we'll know for sure who's been in the cookie jar!

He also brought along Goodies for everyone.

He did a really good job with the boys. They had fun and learned some things they didn't know before.

Mission accomplished.