Nay-Nay's HooDoo VooDoo Ear Cleanse

I want to let you know right up front that this post could be considered gross.

If you have a problem with ear wax you may want to stop reading right now.

I'm just giving you a head's up in case you want out now.

If not - read on.

My Mother believes that she has found a miracle cure for clogged ears.

A while back she bought some Herbal Beeswax Ear Candles.

She says her cousin told her that she tried it and was amazed at how much better she could hear after she did it.

So Mom bought some and then her and my Dad experimented on each other.

They both swear it works.

She brought what the Island King calls her HooDoo VooDoo stuff with her the last time they were over and she immediately snagged the Youngest Island Boy - intent on cleaning his ears.

Now the interesting thing about this stuff is that you cut a hole in a paper plate, stick the candle through the hole and into an ear.

Then you let it burn.

It's supposed to release all of the ear wax trapped in your ear and then you can hear better.

But I have to tell you - seeing her holding a burning candle in my son's ear was a little scary.

Especially since the Island King was doing an Indian dance around the bathroom and chanting "Who yaya Who yaya" over and over again.

After the candle has burned down to the paper plate you remove it from the ear and blow it out.

When you unwrap what's left of the candle you have this.

Wax. A lot of wax.

She says it's ear wax.

The Island King and I are a little skeptical and think it's beeswax from the candle.

When it was over I asked the Youngest if he felt like he could hear better and he said "Sort of, kinda, maybe - no, not really."

I don't know if this stuff really works or not but if my Mom wants to stick burning candles in my children's ears well, that's ok with me LOL