Paintball - Again

Paintball has taken over my life. It's all the boys want to do.

And they talk about it non-stop.

The Island King has gotten his own gun, mask and vest and is now in the process of buying each of the boys their own stuff.

They play EVERY Sunday now.

My BIL and the Island King's best friend seem just as addicted and when they aren't actually playing they're on the phone talking about it.

They've created a small army of friends and family and spend all day on Sundays shooting at other teams.

The paintball field is only open on Saturday and Sunday so what are they doing the rest of the week?

They shoot each other at my BIL's warehouse.

They end up with whelps and bruises, like this one on my BIL, every time they play.

They actually pay money to have this happen to them.

I've always known boys weren't too bright and this really seems to prove it.