Pinewood Derby

Saturday was our Cub Scout Pack's Pinewood Derby.

The Youngest Island Boy and Cousin B have been really excited and were more than ready to build their cars.

My BIL decided he wanted to make one too so he, Cousin B, the Island King and the Youngest spent two nights working on their cars.

Saturday came and they were very pleased with how their cars turned out.

Cousin B built the red one.

My BIL built this one.

And the Youngest built the "Death Machine"

The Derby was an all day event and is run by the Boy Scout Packmaster - which meant the Boy Scouts came to help.

They sold hot dogs, pizza, chips and drinks to raise money for their summer camp trip.

They also had a baked goods sale but let everyone know that their Mom's did the baking.

Because apparently baking isn't a cool Boy Scout kind of thing.

And because I like most of these people I did not contribute to the baked goods.

When we got there we saw this

There was quite a buzz going around about the Girl Scouts honing in on the Boy Scout's bake sale but it turns out the Mom in charge of the Boy Scouts invited them - for a cut of their profits.

Unfortunately, they sold nothing. The boys were offering bags with 3 cookies or brownies for a dollar and the box prices of the girl's cookies just couldn't compete.

When we got there each car had to be weighed and checked in.

There are set rules about dimensions, using only BSA wheels, and the car's weight so each car had to be weighed and checked before it could be entered in the race.

They raced 4 cars at a time and had a big screen set up so everyone could see who was racing and their time.

Each car raced 4 times - once in each lane and the best average time would win.

There were a lot of people there and 63 cars raced.

The Boy Scouts carefully set up the cars at the top of the track

And the race began

The race was open to everyone, Moms, Dads and siblings as well as the Cub Scouts and let me tell you when this pink car came down the track every boy in the room held his breath.

Can you imagine getting beat by a pink girl's car?

While the car looked pretty it wasn't quite fast enough to win.

There were trophies for the fastest cars and ribbons for the Most Creative, Fastest Looking and Most Colorful.

The Youngest, Cousin B and my BIL all won 2 heats each but in the end weren't fast enough to take home a trophy.


When the race was over it was time to pick the 3 ribbon winners.

The Boy Scouts got to pick and

The Youngest Won Most Creative Car!

The Oldest said that EVERY one of the Boy Scouts voted for the Youngest's car - and not because of the Oldest - he said he didn't tell them which one was his brother's.

The Youngest was so proud and said he didn't care that his car wasn't the fastest because it looked GOOD and that was what counted LOL