Friday, February 11, 2011

Redneck Dinner Table

My parents were coming over for dinner the other night and I decided I wanted to "entertain."

Normally when they come we spread the food out along the bar, everyone grabs a plate, helps themselves and then grabs a seat at the table or the bar.

But on this particular night and I wanted to set a nice table for us.

I got out my place mats and realized that I only have six of each kind.

I need seven for this night.

So then I thought "hey, I'll go eclectic and give everyone a different mat and a different napkin!"

And then I realized that I only have six different sets of place mats - not seven.

Which meant someone had to have a Christmas mat.

I finished setting the table and stood back to admire my work.

Hmmm. Not exactly the eclectic look I was aiming for.

The Island King walked through the room and said "That's the tackiest, redneck trailer park table I've ever seen - Good job, Babe!"

Which made me laugh and decide to keep the table like it was.

I explained to my parents what happened with the table and in true Mom form my mother said "I think it looks nice, honey."

This was a table only a mother could love!
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