All Is Well

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!

The Youngest is hurting quite a bit but he came through surgery just fine.

They had to put a pin in his elbow to stabilize the growth plate and he still has a soft, temporary cast so we have quite a few more doctor's appointments ahead but the hardest part is over.

We got to the hospital at 6:30 this morning and before we knew it had drawn a crowd.

He had 3 pre-op nurses taking care of paperwork, the anesthesiologist, the nurse anesthetist and the OR nurse standing there and they were all talking to him about how he broke his elbow.

He likes to tell the tale and of course the women looked horrified and the men all smiled and nodded like they'd been there too.

The pre-op nurse asked if he had any cuts, scratches or bruises and I just started laughing.

"His entire body, starting with the big scratch on his forehead all the way down to his toes."

Which caused a lot of laughter and the words "He's a boy" to come out of most of their mouths.

And again we heard that they don't see many of those anymore.

I'm either doing something right or something really wrong as a parent.

In the end I don't guess it matters because I'd have to tie him to a chair to keep him from bushwacking through briars, climbing trees, jumping off of things or going as fast as he can with no hands on his bike.

As Native Mom put it, he's one of those "free range" kids and there's not much I can do about that.

After hearing stories from my Dad and the Island King about what they did as boys I guess it's in his DNA.

I could spend the next 10 years wringing my hands but I've decided to go with FC's statement that real boys grow up to be real men.