Not The Glasses For Him

As the Island King has gotten older his eyesight has deteriorated some.

He squints at things, holds something he's trying to read as far away as possible and uses a magnifying glass a LOT lately.

I keep telling him that he needs reading glasses and that if he doesn't want to go to the eye doctor he can buy a pair from the drug store.

They have racks and racks of them with different magnification so he could try them on and find some that are the right strength for him.

He saw this picture a while back and admitted that maybe he does need glasses.

But he's got this vanity "I'm not getting old" thing going on and so far has refused to buy himself a pair.

So we're hiking along a trail at the Marianna Caverns and he spots a pair of glasses on the ground. All he saw were the inside of the frames and he picked them up and put them on.

Then he starts looking at the GPS he's holding and telling me that he doesn't have to hold it as far away from his face to read it and that maybe these glasses would work great for him.

As he's saying this the boys and I are laughing so hard that we can barely stand up, which makes him think we're laughing because he's finally admitting that he needs glasses.

He tells us that it's not nice to laugh at a man because he can't see very well and that I should stop taking pictures of him.

The Oldest Island Boy managed to stop laughing long enough to tell him to take the glasses off and look at them.

Once he saw the outside of the glasses he agreed that these might not be the right pair for him.

But he has agreed to look for a more "manly" pair at the store.