Get The BOY!!

Last Sunday was my niece's birthday and she wanted a girls only, make-up, nail polish, girlie party.

The Oldest Island Boy was going to spend the day playing paintball with his Dad, which meant that I needed to find somewhere for the Youngest Island Boy to hang out during the party.

My BIL took his boys to a go cart track for the afternoon but the since the Youngest has a broken arm he couldn't do that.

I called my Dad and he said to bring the Youngest by his house on my way to the party and they'd hang out.

My sister was cooking dinner for the whole family after the party so Dad said he'd bring the Youngest with him when he came out for dinner.

The party was a success and the girls had a great time.

My Dad and the Youngest showed up just before the party ended. They slipped into the kitchen to get some cake and one of the little girls spotted the Youngest.

I heard him say "Oh no" and then all of a sudden the girls were coming at him.

He took off running, out the door and across the backyard, chased by a gaggle of girls.

One of the girls was yelling "Get the boy!!" at the top of her lungs. Another was yelling that they were going to put makeup on him.

I ran after to save him but he'd run around the corner of the house and was trapped by the girls.

A few of the shy ones hung back but the rest of them had him cornered against the fence.

Luckily, my Dad had seen the whole thing and went out the front door, opened the gate to the back yard, snatched the Youngest Island Boy out of harm's way and then closed the girls back inside the yard.

They retreated to the dock - which they declared a No Girls Zone.

Except for me because I don't fall into the girl category as far as the Youngest is concerned.

On the way home he said "I don't know why I thought I wanted a girlfriend - that was terrifying!"

Poor kid.

But I'm sure he'll get over it and it won't be long before he wants a gaggle of girls chasing him.