Message In A Bottle

After our scouting trip into Point Washington we planned the geocache we wanted to hide, gathered everything we needed and went back the next day.

We're naming this cache Message in a Bottle and it's a multi-stage cache, meaning I post the coordinates for the first stage on and then once you find that cache it will contain the coordinates for the second cache.

We picked the name because the first stage is hidden at the head of Eastern Lake and that's as good a place as any for a bottle to wash up.

We had an old wine bottle with a rubber seal so we rolled up a log with the coordinates for the second stage on it and stuck it down in the bottle, attached to a wire with a hook on the end which will make the paper slide right out.

Then we bushwacked a short distance down an animal trail and hid the bottle in an old tree stump.

Now you see it.

Now you don't.

The second container is an ammo can that we hid at the head of the creek.

Up on high ground in a beautiful oak and pine hammock.

After we hid the can the Island King looked around and said "I think the clue for this one should be "fallen log".

Yeh, that'll be helpful.

We added a twist to this one and started the log sheet in the wine bottle with 3 words - I Am Lost...

Each person who finds the cache is supposed to write 3 more words and then post them on the website so I can put together a running story.

You know, a message in a bottle.