More Point Washington Exploring

After spending so much time in Point Washington lately I decided that I want to hide a geocache somewhere in there.

The Island King loves to hide caches and so he jumped at the chance to spend the afternoon out there finding a good hiding spot.

We've never been to the Point Washington Field Office so today we stopped by.

I'm fascinated with fire towers and even though I'm deathly afraid of heights I believe I would climb to the top of one if given the opportunity.

We talked to a Forest Ranger about the roads and trails but surprisingly they don't have very good maps. At least not maps the public can buy.

He admitted that it was easy to get turned around in there - which made me feel good.

Once we left we drove into the Forest, turning here and there, looking for a good place to hide a geocache.

The Island King wants to make this one a little harder and wants people to have to bushwack in somewhere to get it.

We're riding along real slow when he stops and says "Look at that trail - it looks like there might be a little clearing up in there"

I don't see a trail.

But before I know it we're plowing through the brush.

If there wasn't a trail before there's one now.

And sure enough, there was a little clearing up in there.

We both decided that this would be swamp after a heavy rain and that's not a good place to put a cache. So back out we went.

We ran into a dead end on another road and the Island King decided to trek on in and look around.

I chose to wait out on the road this time.

The woods closed behind him and he was gone.

The boys didn't want to beat through the brush again either and chose to throw rocks on the road.

And yes, that's my "boy" throwing rocks and swinging his broken arm all over the place.

The doctor did say he could use it as much as he could stand it.

I wonder if this is what the doctor had in mind when he said that.

It was quite a while later but the Island King finally came busting out of the woods.

There's not much of anything up in there and it's not a good spot for the cache he tells me.

Good. I wasn't looking forward to hacking my way up in there.

So we drove on and finally came to the end of the road.

This is the head of Eastern Lake, one of our rare coastal lakes.

We could see where the trail picked back up and where there used to be a foot bridge but today it's just a dead end.

So we followed a trail up around the head of the lake and crossed over the spring that feeds that lake.

It's gorgeous down in there.

Look at the size of these old pine trees.

We found a good spot for our cache but changed the plan a little and are going back soon to put the cache out.

I could wander around in there every day.

As long as the truck is close by and I don't get lost in the dark.