On Top of the State

My Dad and I were each close to finding our 500th geocache and we decided we wanted #500 to be the cache at the highest point in Florida.

Britton Hill is located in Lakewood, Florida, just South of the Alabama line and is the highest natural point in Florida.

At a whopping 345 feet it's the lowest high point of all 50 States.

Dad and I wandered down the hill to find a cache hidden in the woods and let me tell you - it was quite a hike getting back up that hill LOL

If you live anywhere else this would not be considered a hill. More like a slight upward slope.

They have a pretty little park where we had a picnic lunch and enjoyed the view.

Then we spent hours driving around the countryside, hunting geocaches, poking through old cemeteries, and enjoying the scenery.

I fell in love with this girl.

I wouldn't mind having one of these wandering around my yard.

We ventured over into Alabama and visited the Florala State Park.

It sits on Lake Jackson and is a beautiful area.

It was windy when we were there and there were whitecaps out in the lake. Not a great day for the paddle boats they rent there.

On our way home we stopped in an old cemetery and were looking for a cache hidden there.

Dad was up in a clump of trees when he went completely still and said "There's a Copperhead"

I was standing just outside of the trees and kept telling him to get out of there.

He continued standing perfectly still and when I asked what he was doing he said "Watching the snake"

Watching the snake? Get the hell out of there!!

He said the snake sat still for a minute, allowing him a good look at it and then it slid slowly under a tree branch laying on the ground.

Because I am snake phobic all chances of me looking for and finding that geocache
were over.

And I didn't want my Dad poking around up in there anymore either.

Thankfully, he's an intelligent man and knowing how poisonous Copperheads are he didn't argue with me when I suggested we stop looking for this cache and move on to another one.

Preferably, one without a Copperhead laying nearby.

We made our way home, stopping here and there to grab a cache and luckily we didn't run into any more snakes.

It was a wonderful day and we reached the highest point in Florida without breaking a sweat.