Where Did That Tree Come From?

The Island King and I have had quite a few arguments about me using his truck when I want to go into the woods.

I may have run into a tree or three and I may have almost rolled into a lake once (I did make the kids get out so if I did roll they'd be safe)and I may have added a few scratches, dents and dings, but for Pete's sake, that's what trucks are for.

But because of these minor things he now has a hissy fit and refuses to let me drive his truck in the woods anymore.

It hasn't helped my case that the kids love to tell him how much Mom likes doing donuts and skidding around trails like Daisy Duke.

Then they tell him he drives like a girl in the woods and should let me drive - which ticks him off like you wouldn't believe.

So I never get to drive his truck.

"Because I'm not a good driver in the woods and I'll hurt the truck."

Which is why what I'm about to tell you is truly one of the highlights of my entire life.

While we were in Point Washington he decided to turn around on a road. A road, not a small trail with no room to turn around but a real road.

He put the truck in reverse and proceeded to back right INTO A TREE!!!!

Boom. We hit the tree, he yelled "What the hell?", rolled forward a little and jumped out to see what had happened.

I went nuts. I was laughing and trying to get the flash to work on the camera and stomping my feet - just truly beside myself with joy.

The Island King still looks a little bewildered and says "What did I hit? I looked and there was nothing behind me."

Which caused tears of joy to run down my face as I pointed at the tree

And then I started. "You see? It can happen to anyone and if backing into a tree makes one unfit to drive in the woods than you aren't any more qualified than I am."

He tries to tell me that this was an accident.

Well, I've never hit a tree on purpose - all of my tree encounters have been accidents as well. AND my tree encounters have been on narrow trails - not ROADS.

There's not much of a dent in his bumper but while he was standing there staring at it he kept telling me to stop taking pictures.

Not a chance.

I never could get the flash to work (I swear I'm challenged in so many areas that it's a wonder I can function) so I didn't get near as many pictures as I wanted.

But I did get 2 and that's all I need to torment him.

Then I told him that the moment we got home I was going to tell the kids what happened.

And I gloated and cackled for a good half hour.

When we got home I told the kids the story and they have teased him horribly.

I have too.

I just can't help myself.