Memorial Day Weekend

I love long, holiday weekends. There's time for puttering around the house and then extra time to spend playing at the beach. We went to the beach on Sunday with my BIL and his family and it was a beautiful day.

Not too hot, no rain and stunning green water to play in.

We ended up next to some old friends and I go the biggest kick out of their dogs. They stayed on their yellow float ALL day long.

Sometimes they'd stand up, sometimes they'd lay down, but they were always content.

I wish we could bring our beagle, Buddy, out but he's got no social skills at all and spends all of his time barking, baying and following his nose. He's a great dog but he's more suited for camping and hunting than he is spending his day on a float in the water.

The boiled peanut guys stopped by. We don't even have to wave them over to us anymore. They see the boat and come right up because they know we can't resist boiled peanuts.

The Island King found himself a new girlfriend and walked up and down the beach holding her hand.

Don't you just love his clothes? Every time he wears his "outfit" the kids tell him it doesn't match and that he looks ridiculous. He just smiles and tells them that's the point.

He's an odd duck.

The Island Girl and I walked out to the jetties and on our way we came across this guy playing with a blue crab.

He'd hold out a Cheeto and the crab would take it right out of his hand.

The Island Girl said "I didn't know you could play with crabs like that" and I told her that I didn't know that either because I've always been more worried about getting pinched by one then trying to teach it tricks.

About mid-afternoon the firework barge came out of the harbor and anchored right in front of us.

Yes! We thought the fireworks were going to be on Monday night instead of Sunday but obviously we were wrong.

I LOVE fireworks and could watch them every night.

The War Birds came out and put on a show, which is always fun to watch. Those old planes are so cool.

I'm not sure what happened but as the sun started to set my SIL and BIL had some sort of marital discord and she decided they were leaving.


The fireworks barge is right in front of us, the kids are having a ball playing in the water, we've got lots of food and drinks, and a watermelon to eat.

What is going on?

The Island King and I didn't want to get in the middle of their problem so we don't know what happened but we both agreed we wanted to stay for the fireworks.

He decided to ride back in the boat with them, get his truck and then bring it to the foot of the bridge. That way we could stay as long as we wanted and then hike back to the truck when we were ready to go home.

So they left and my kids and I stayed where we were, swimming and playing in the sand.

He got back about 30 minutes later and we relaxed, ate dinner, and waited for the fireworks.

Which were fantastic.

A true Thank You to all of those who have fought so hard to secure our freedom!