Army Rangers Open House

In May, the Army Rangers hold an annual Open House at their camp, Camp Rudder, on Eglin AFB and it's a fantastic event.

They set up a gun range and of course the first thing the boys wanted to do was shoot machine guns.

There was an indoor range with laser guns.

A bomb throwing range.

And a tomahawk throwing challenge.

Bleachers were set up on the edge of a big training field and the Rangers came out of the wood line in a puff of smoke.

The Rangers are made up of several different groups (I'm sure there is a military term for that but I have no idea what it is) with each group having a different specialty. The men coming out of the smoke represented each group.

They lined up in front of the bleachers and the specialty of each group was explained.

These are not men you want to mess with.

Then it was time for a rescue mission demonstration.

There was a wrecked helicopter out in the field with two wounded soldiers in it.

The Rangers flew in on two helicopters.

The helicopter carrying the cover team landed for a fraction of a second while they piled out. Several men ran to the wounded while the rest set up a perimeter around the downed craft.

The helicopter took off and circled low along with the second one.

The wounded were packaged for transport and the second helicopter came in and lifted them up into the helicopter.

The second helicopter landed and the rest of the men on the ground got in and off they flew.

The whole thing happened surprisingly fast.

Once they finished these snipers came out of the woods.

And now the Island King wants a gilley suit just like theirs.

It was a long, fun day and even though we were exhausted we enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks to the Rangers for giving us a glimpse into their world.