Fun Monday - Food!

Sayre is hosting Fun Monday this month and her topic for this week is all about food.

"What is your favorite cook-out food and/or recipe? OR What special dish are you known for at gatherings of family and friends?"

I'm not exactly known as a "successful" cook so after years of embarrassing failures I stopped cooking for events and started showing up with something store bought.

My standard go to dish is baked beans.

I buy a tub of Winn Dixie's baked beans from the deli and 2 big cans of Bush's baked beans.

I mix them all together, put into a baking dish, and cover with tin foil.

Everyone loves them and if you didn't know me you'd assume I baked those beans all day.

If you do know me you're thankful that you don't have to eat something I cooked and pretend to like it.

If you don't know me you'll think I make the best baked beans you've ever tasted!