It's A Bird, It's A Plane - It's My Dad!

Skydiving is something that my Dad has always wanted to do and last year he decided that for his 75th Birthday he was going to do it.

So on Saturday the whole family drove over to Elberta, Alabama to the Emerald Coast Sky Diving Center so Dad could jump.

They take this tiny plane up 12,000 feet and then out you go.

Dad had to watch a video and then sign a waiver, read pages of legal mumbo jumbo and then sign another waiver and then after a discussion with the man he'd be jumping tandem with, sign another waiver.

But once the waivers were signed and it was his turn, he suited up and was ready to go.

They drop from about 12,000 feet and in that little plane it takes a while to get that high so once they took off we all settled back in the shade to wait.

My Mom seemed a little worried so the Island King told her not to worry, the plane wasn't going to crash.

She said "I'm not worried about the plane crashing but do you know how cranky he'll be if he breaks his leg and has to sit around the house for 6 weeks?"

Very good point.

While we were on the ground he was flying higher and higher.

When they reached the right altitude it was time to jump.

They climbed out onto the wing of the plane

And off they went!

He was flying!

They free fell for 45 seconds - which he said felt like a LONG time.

Then the canopy opened and they floated along for about 10 minutes before they reached the ground.

On the ground, we'd been watching the plane and then all of a sudden a tiny dot appeared in the sky.

He had SO much fun!

They took a great video of him diving and while they were still in the plane the guy asked him if he was excited.

Dad said, I've been waiting 75 years for this!"

As I watched him coming down I kept hearing the words from one of George Jones's songs.

"I don't need your rocking chair, Your Geritol or your medicare, well I've still got neon in my veins, this gray hair don't mean a thing..."

You did it, Dad. Good job!