It's Snapper Season

June 1st is one of the Island King's favorite days of the year.

Opening Day of Snapper Season.

At 4am he, his brother and two friends loaded the boat and offshore they went.

They went about 18 miles out to a sweet spot they know of and immediately caught their Snapper limit.

But that didn't mean it was time to come back in.

There were still lots of other fish to catch.

Which they did.

I have mixed feelings about eating Gulf seafood these days. And while I do worry about the massive amount of oil that poured into the Gulf - it's the dispersant they used that really bothers me.

But then I look at those fresh fish, caught that morning, and I lose all resolve and eat a plate full.

Unfortunately, while I am still eating Gulf seafood I can't do it with the pure joy that I used to.

Now I think -

"This is so good!"

"I hope it won't make the kids sick in the long run."

"This is so good!"

Over and over again.

The good news is that the Snapper are plentiful and the boat captains who were starving last year are thriving this year.

Thank you, God.