Navarre Pier

The pier opened last summer but we've never been out on it so it seemed like the perfect time to take a look.

According to their website, at 1545 feet this is the longest pier on the Gulf of Mexico.

They have a nice little bar that overlooks the pier.

There is a public beach next to the pier and just to the east of that is the Navarre Beach State Park.

The US Government owns the island from the end of the park all the way to Okaloosa Island - which means you get this incredible view of pristine beach.

The land to the west of the pier is all privately owned which means this is the view in that direction.

I prefer the non-developed look myself.

My Mom and I were looking down into the water when we saw something swimming towards us.

At first we thought it was a stingray and then as it got closer we decided it must be a big crab.

I wish this picture had turned out because as he swam closer we got a good look and it was a sea turtle.

Not a baby but still small.

They are so cool. I've seen lots of big turtles out in the Gulf but this is the first time I've ever seen a smaller one near the beach.

Mom and I were lagging behind, walking slow and talking and when we got to the end we saw this.

"Where did you get that hideous hat?"

"I found it in the trash can."

"Put it back."

"No, I'm keeping it."

And he proceeded to walk up and down the pier talking to people - while wearing his new hat.

My Aunt said "I read your blog and he really is like that, isn't he?"


We enjoyed our walk, had a nice dinner and got to spend time with family.

A great way to spend an evening!