The Nifty Fifty

Every once in a while the Island King has a client that wants pictures of a property taken from above.

Most of the time he charters a helicopter and takes the shots from the air.

But a helicopter won't work for sunset shots so that's when he rents the Nifty Fifty.

The Nifty Fifty is a fifty foot lift that you pull to the shoot location with your truck.

Then you raise yourself and your camera up fifty feet and start taking pictures.

It's odd, the man loves to take the door off of a helicopter and hang out taking pictures but he HATES being in the lift.

He says it sways in the wind and even though he knows it won't he feels like it's going to fall over at any moment.

The last time he rented a lift he got stuck at the top and had to wait almost an hour for the man from the rental company to come and lower the lift using the override switch at the base.

Needless to say, I now have to go with him on all lift shoots so that if he gets stuck I can work the override buttons on the base and get him down.

When we told the Island Girl where we were going she laughed and said she could just imagine us with the lift in a fancy neighborhood - yelling at each other.

Him up in the air yelling "Get me down!" and me on the ground yelling "Are you taking me out to dinner or not?"

Sunset shots are tough, you have to take the pictures at the right moment or they come out too light or too dark so he went up in the lift and waited.

This is the house he was shooting.

This is what the photo would look like if he took it from the ground using a point and shoot camera.

This is what he got from the lift.

He hasn't worked his photoshop magic on this one yet but when he finishes this picture will be the cover for a local magazine and it will be stunning.

We got home about 11 that night but guess what happens when your kids see this in their driveway?


The boys wanted to stay up there all night but the Island King was done with being in the lift so they stayed a few minutes and he told them he'd take them up again in the morning.

Why is it that my house is the only house on the street that has stuff like this happen in the front yard?

They got a much better look around during the day.

The Youngest has declared himself helper on all lift shoots from now on and wants to know if there is a Nifty One Hundred.

As much as the Island King hates the fifty there's no way he'd get into a one hundred!