The Russian Mafia

The boys had to have new clothes for my Grandmother's funeral so we took them shopping.

The Youngest was fascinated with this black shirt he saw and he had to have it.

At the funeral, out of nowhere, he started telling people he was with the Russian Mafia.

The next day we were at the Navarre Pier and my Mom asked him why he hung up when his Grandfather called last night.


I didn't know my Dad called and I certainly didn't know that the Youngest hung up on him.

The Youngest got real embarrassed and wouldn't say anything.

So my Mom said "He called and when the Youngest answered your Father said "This is the Russian Mafia and we hear that you've been impersonating us."

And the Youngest hung up!!!!

I asked him why he didn't tell me about it and he said he was "too freaked out"

I also asked if he looked at the caller ID before he answered and he said no.

Then he said "But I will from now on - that's for sure!"