4th of July Recap

We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday of 4th of July weekend at the beach so we knew we didn't want to spend ALL day there on Monday.

The beach at the foot of the bridge fills up during the day and then about 5:00 a good majority of the people pack up, go home and then go watch the fireworks from somewhere else.

So we decided that we'd go out about 5 and wouldn't have any trouble finding a spot.


I have never seen so many people in one place in my life.

And that 5:00 crowd? They weren't going anywhere.

Things were not looking good.

We hiked quite a ways from the car and finally found a spot 3 rows back from the water.

I know that in front of the condos here the chairs are set up in rows but I personally have never had to sit this far from the water before.

The Island King laughed and said "I was born and raised here and I'm not sitting on no stinkin 3rd row - I'll be back" and off he went, farther down the beach.

He was back in no time and said that just around the point was a nice open spot that we should move to.

So we did.

This was much better.

We swam and ate a picnic dinner and were AMAZED at the amount of people that just kept pouring onto the beach.

By sunset the beach was packed.

As it got dark we watched as group after group of people started parking on the bridge. And more groups of people walking up onto the bridge.

A deputy came along and told the cars to move but by the time he got to the end of the bridge, it had filled up again from the other direction.

Never seen anything like this here.

The kids and I were in the water and I asked the Island King to take our picture.

Because he's a photographer, you know.

So he picked up my camera, grabbed a handful of chips and walked into the water.

Where he promptly dropped my camera right into the Bay.

He says his fingers were slippery because of the chips.

And of course the camera went dead immediately.

We grabbed it, yanked out the batteries and memory card but there was no doubt that the camera was toast.

After I got over the urge to kill him we swam some more, ate watermelon and watched a great fireworks show.

After the fireworks the traffic on the bridge was bumper to bumper so we stayed put for another hour. There's no point in sitting in traffic if you can be sitting on the beach instead.

It was a great holiday weekend and the Island King has replaced my camera with one that's a little more expensive and has quite a few more features.

He bought the extended warranty too - just in case I ever let him touch my camera again.

Which I don't think I will.