Saturday night we went up the Harbor to watch Departure - one of the best Journey Tribute bands around.

These guys are all late 70's early 80's Journey. The clothes, the hair, air guitar, it's like being transported back in time.

And they sound JUST LIKE Journey. I saw Journey many years ago in Mobile and I could have closed my eyes and and been right there again.

They rocked!

The Youngest Island Boy stayed right in front of the stage for the whole show.

He took some great video with my camera but he was right next to the speakers and the microphone on my little camera just couldn't handle the volume.

At one point he was standing there and the lead singer reached down and took the camera from him.

We were standing on the other side of the stage and I freaked out when I saw him take the camera. "That's my camera!" I kept telling the Island King.

Who laughed and called me a groupie.

This is a tribute band so that just makes me a tribute groupie, right?

In true tribute groupie style I went up after the show to shake their hands.

We had a great time and for a little while I was back in 1981, in Mobile, Alabama, watching Journey.