The 1926 Hurricane

In September of 1926 a Category 4 hurricane slammed into Miami, with the eye moving directly over Miami Beach.

Winds reported from the storm were, at that time, the highest winds ever recorded in the United States.

Massive destruction followed - but the storm wasn't finished.

It continued northwestward across the Gulf and then stalled off the coast of Pensacola, where it hammered the coast with hurricane force winds, rain, and storm surge for a full 24 hours.

Nearly every pier, warehouse, and vessel on Pensacola Bay was destroyed.

The storm weakened as it moved inland over Louisiana on September 21st and the Great Storm of 1926 was over.

As I was going through some old family clippings I came across the Pensacola News Journal's front page from the day after the storm.

With the exception of the waterfront, Pensacola fared relatively well.

Especially in comparison to Miami.

And I have a really cool old newspaper telling the tale - which I love.

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