Beach Snacks

Some beaches have waitresses and cabana boys who wander around, offering food and drink to those lounging by the sea.

Other beaches are strictly bring it yourself kind of beaches. If you don't bring it you don't have it.

But our beach has the Pizza Man...

And after you've had your pizza, the Ice Cream Man will bring you treats.

If you don't feel like walking up to the parking lot to get your ice cream you can wait until the Ice Cream Boat comes by. He'll pull right up to you and you won't even have to get out of your chair.

But he doesn't have ice cream truck music like the truck has so it's not quite the same.

If it's something salty you want, the Boiled Peanut guy will be along shortly.

This guy makes really good boiled peanuts. Not too hard, not too mushy, not too salty - just right. And he has some Cajun ones that will set your mouth on fire if that's what you like.

Cabana boys would be nice but I'm loving my little corner of paradise.