Directionally Challenged

It's no secret that I've always been directionally challenged.

I can't begin to count how many hours of my life have been spent lost.

It's like that part of my brain doesn't exist. I've never had a CT scan but I'd be willing to bet money that there is an empty space in my head where directional ability should be located.

Knowing this, I should not be surprised by what happened the other day.

I decided that I want make one of those direction signs you see with arrows pointing to different cities.

I found a post in the garage, painted it white and put it in the ground to attach my arrows to.

Then I had the Island King cut arrows out of old fence boards and I went to work painting them.

Do you see the problem? I didn't.

Until it was time to attach the arrows to the post.

Key West is the other direction.

Meaning that I painted the sign with the arrow facing the wrong way.

Cape San Blas is the other direction too.

Good grief!

Now I have to repaint the arrows so they will face the right direction on the post.

The Oldest Island Boy suggested I leave them like they are - because it shows my sense of direction so well.

Which isn't a bad idea.