Helicopters and Geocaches

I saw a listing on geocaching.com not long ago describing a geocache hidden in a downed helicopter.

I saw pictures on the cache site and the idea of being able to climb all over a helicopter – and find a cache – was too much to resist.

My Dad wanted to go so he, the Island King, both the boys and I set out to see what we could find.

The helicopter is DEEP in the Reservation so we drove along trail after trail until finally, we rounded a bend and there in front of us was a Huey helicopter.

Which we climbed all over.

How often do you get to stand on the very top of a helicopter?

Not too far away was another helicopter.

It seemed to have a little more trouble landing than the first one.

My Dad took this picture and said "This is the one you were driving."

You put a few dents and dings into a couple of cars and a truck or two and people make fun your driving forever.

Apparently, these helicopters are used during Army Ranger training missions.

Luckily, the area was open that day and we were able to play in the helicopters and find a geocache at the same time.

Very nice.