An Alabama Geocaching Run

My Dad, the Oldest Island Boy, and I decided to go to Alabama last Friday and try a geocaching numbers run.

A numbers run is a series of caches placed 1/10 of a mile apart and is designed so the cacher can grab a lot of caches in one day, which gives a quick boost to your total number of geocache finds.

Geocaching for us is more about the adventure than the number of finds we have but we've never done a numbers run and thought it would be fun to try.

This particular series is on an old country highway leading into Bay Minette.

The caches are all hidden on reflectors or in the edge of the bushes along the way so it's a matter of driving 1/10 of a mile, grabbing the cache, signing the log and then jumping back into the car to do it again, and again, and again.

We took a few minutes out of the hunt to eat a quick lunch on the tailgate and then went right back to it.

The Oldest Island Boy has been caching with me since I started but not long ago he decided he wanted his own account. He hit 100 finds not far into the run.

Dad hit 600 a little while later.

And an hour after that I hit 600 too.

We were looking through the edge of the bushes at one of the caches and I caught sight of this.

I managed to stop just in time to keep from getting all caught up in her web.

She's beautiful and her web was huge.

I was standing there looking at her and being extremely thankful that I wasn't all wrapped up in her web when I felt something crawling up my back.

I was just starting the spider web get it off of me dance when I realized it wasn't a spider - it was the Oldest messing with me.

I whirled around and gave him a look that let him know I didn't think that was funny.

He jumped back and my Dad said "Son, there was a stone cold killer in the jail when I worked there and the looks he gave me weren't near as scary as the look she just gave you".

Good. They need to understand how dangerous it is to mess with me about creepy crawly things LOL

A little later we were talking about things we're scared of and the Oldest asked my Dad what he's scared of.

Without hesitating he said "That look your mother gave you a little while ago"

I'm pretty sure I don't have to worry about either of them messing with me again.

We also ran into this guy but he's more interesting than creepy.

Later in the afternoon we stopped to grab a cache that was hidden along a fence next to a cow pasture.

I love cows!

We don't see cows here at the beach so I'm like a kid when we go up into the country and get to see them.

These cows were hysterical! They obviously thought we had food and as soon as we stopped the truck they came running.

And then it happened.

Cow sex right in front of my son.

He'd been asking me which one was the bull and it didn't take long for us to figure it out.

I guess it's a good thing I didn't get a good shot on the video because I'm not sure you're allowed to upload bovine porn onto Youtube.

By the end of the day we'd found 109 geocaches and saw cows having sex.

Overall, the numbers run was an experience that I'm glad we tried but in the end it's still more fun to find those caches hidden in the woods.