The Island King - Crime Fighter Extraordinaire

The Island King left the house yesterday to meet a client and run some errands but his day didn't go as planned.

He was driving along Airport Road and happened to glance down a side street into an apartment complex, where he saw a guy running as fast as he could down the middle of the street, towards Airport.

He said the guy was running really fast but what caught his attention was the fact that this guy was wearing yellow latex cleaning gloves that came up to his elbows.

There wasn't any traffic so the Island King made a u-turn and went back. The guy was running along a fence, still at full speed and the Island King knew something wasn't right.

So he called 911. He said he told the operator that he was watching a guy run down the street wearing these gloves and that he didn't know if a crime had been committed or not but that it sure did look like something was going on.

The dispatched tells him to hold on and he can hear her ask another dispatcher what color gloves were described in the call that had come in moments before the Island King's.

She comes back and tells him that there has been an attempted home invasion in that area, the guy he's described fits the description, and that she will send deputies.

Meanwhile the Island King, still in his truck, is hanging back and watching the guy.

The guy stops next to a big bush and takes his shirt off. He's squatting there in the bush and at that point the Island King rolled along side him.

He said he was looking at the guy and then the guy was looking at him and he had no idea if the guy was armed or not so he kept going.

He made a u-turn and while he was doing that the guy took off running in the opposite direction.

By the time he got turned around he'd lost sight of the guy. So he turned down the nearest street and was rolling slowly through the neighborhood looking for him.

Several police cars arrived and he pulled in a parking lot to talk to them.

He showed them the bush where the guy stopped and they brought out a K-9, let him sniff around the bush and then off he went, following the guy's scent.

The Island King was filling out a report when another deputy radioed that they'd caught someone and wanted the Island King to ID him.

So they put the Island King in the back of one of their squad cars and took him two blocks down, where they had a man handcuffed in a parking lot.

It was him.

It turns out that this guy tried to break into a woman's apartment. She called the police, he ran off and straight into the Island King's path.

They took her down to ID the guy too and she also said it was him.

They'd caught the man and found his shirt and one of the gloves he was wearing but hadn't found the second glove so the K-9 dog was still searching for that.

The Island King gets in his truck to leave, pulled down a side street to turn around and saw the glove laying on the side of the road.

He could see the deputies still in the parking lot so he waved them over and showed them the glove.

One of the deputies laughed and said "We might as well give you a badge and a gun because you've got this case all wrapped up"

Meanwhile, he was supposed to meet a client and the client has been calling non stop for the past thirty minutes.

But the Island King was busy following the guy, filling out police reports and IDing the suspect so he hadn't been in phone answering mode.

At one point, he was waiting for the deputy to take him to look at the guy so he was able to call his client and explain that he'd seen a guy running down the road, called the police and they'd caught someone suspected of attempting a home invasion and that he had to go ID the guy so he was going to be late for their meeting.

He said he wasn't sure his client believed him but seriously - who could make up a story like that?

So in the end, he spotted the guy, made a positive of ID and found a piece of evidence.

Can you believe it? My husband leaves the house, supposed to be gone for about an hour and just happens to end up helping catch a bad guy.

And then made delicious steak sandwiches for dinner.

All of which totally erases the fact that I wanted to hit him with a skillet yesterday.

Good job, babe!