Rat Snake

I needed to go to the grocery store the other night so I talked the Island King and the Youngest Island Boy into riding up there with me.

Neither of them wanted to go inside so they waited in the parking lot while I ran in.

I came back out and could see the truck parked at the other end of the parking lot near the entrance to the sand bowl we got stuck in a while back.

So I walked over to them and as I started to get close the Youngest came running up telling me he'd just stepped on a snake.


He and his father were walking around the sand bowl and as they were walking the Youngest looked down and right before he put his foot down he realized there was a snake laying there.

The Island King caught the snake and told the Youngest to run back to the truck and get the camera.

After getting a good look at him they let him go and watched him slither off into the brush.

He was gone by the time I got there and after the Youngest finished telling me all about it the Island King said "I thought about keeping him until you got here so you could see him".

Which made me look at him like he'd lost his mind.

And then he laughed and said "But then I decided that wouldn't be a good idea".

No, it wouldn't have been.

It was cool that the Youngest got to have a snake encounter and even cooler that I did not.