Shelling on Pensacola Beach

We drove over to Pensacola Beach on Wednesday to see my Aunt, Dad, and two of my cousins - and to look for seashells.

With Tropical Storm Lee having churned through the Gulf all weekend we were hoping to find some pretty shells washed ashore.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day! It wasn't hot or muggy and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

A perfect day for walking on the beach.

We found a lot of broken sanddollars and one whole one - which is now sitting on the table in my Aunt's house - in California.

I love how that works. Rolling through the tide Wednesday morning and winding up in California on Thursday.

We also found a lot of these.

Starfish do not do well in storm tossed waters and we always find lots of them washed up after a storm.


There was a lot of walking


And visiting.

The Island King walked for a while and then decided he wanted to sit and enjoy the weather.

He had the right idea but my Aunt and I decided that this guy had the best spot.

After shelling, we met our cousins at Peg Leg Pete's for lunch - which was delicious!

It was a wonderful day filled with perfect weather, a beautiful beach, and my family.

Living in paradise is rough but we're making the best of it.