I LOVE sushi and can't ever seem to get enough of it.

My family loves sushi too and occasionally we'll hit up our local sushi bar for dinner but my kids have all outgrown the "kid's plate" stage and going out to dinner means 5 adult entrees - which means the Island King has a small cardiac episode every time the bill comes.

Our local Publix makes fresh sushi in the store and it's actually pretty good so we grab a tray or two from there a lot but that's expensive too and we always end up fighting over the last piece.

So I decided that we needed to learn to make sushi at home.

For the price of 2 rolls from Publix I can make 8 rolls.

That's a lot more sushi and at a much more reasonable price.

So we bought the necessary ingredients

And got everything prepped.

Then, the Island King decided that in order to make good sushi he needed a headband.

Note - He may look wasted - he's not. That's his "I'm a Japanese Sushi Chef" face.

He proclaimed himself Chef Aragotto and went to work.

While his accent leaves a lot to be desired, his sushi wasn't bad. In fact, it was very good.

And the kids and I laughed until our sides hurt.

Just another typical Saturday night at our house.