Thanksgiving in Destin

We spent Thanksgiving at my MIL's house this year and as usual had a great time.

The Island King decided it was time for him to learn how to make his mother's dressing so she spent some time showing him how.

He had a hard time with the concept that there is a basic recipe but from there it's about tasting and knowing how moist it needs to be before you bake it.

He kept asking exactly how much of something and she kept telling him she didn't know - you have to taste it until it's right.

They labored over it for a while and finally got it right.

This is only a portion of the food we made

And for some reason I never took a picture of the dessert table, but there was plenty of it.

It was also Uncle R's birthday. His birthday is November 24th so whenever that falls on a Thursday he has Thanksgiving and a birthday all rolled into one.

I felt bad for him though, he wasn't feeling well so he ate, blew out his candles and then went home to spend the rest of the day in bed. Thankfully, he's feeling better now.

We took the standard holiday pictures

And then it was time for poker.

It wouldn't be a holiday without our traditional family poker game.

The Youngest Island Boy has been practising and was ready to win.

He was a little disappointed that he didn't win big but he held his own and managed to leave with a little extra change in his pocket.

I had to explain to him that when you play nickle ante it's hard to win big bucks lol

It was a great day filled with good food, family, lots of laughter and love.

You can't ask for better!