Favor for a Friend

We have a geocaching friend who has been exiled to parts north by his job. He'll be there a while and then will be returning to sunny Florida.

He has a lot of great caches out in the area and we, along with several other cachers, are helping maintain them until his return.

He sent me an email the other day telling me that his Cache of Ridiculous Nefariousness is no longer where it's supposed to be and would we mind putting it back.

This cache got me and my Dad in a lot of trouble when we found it the first time because the cache is hanging from a hook 20 feet up in a tree and since Dad and I couldn't get to it we sent the Oldest Island Boy up the tree.

The video we took that day is hysterical but my Mom and husband were very unhappy that we let the Oldest climb that high.

I told my friend that I would be happy to fix the cache, grabbed a ladder and the Island King and headed into the woods.

As soon as we reached the cache location I saw what was wrong.

The cache was hanging on the lowest branch of the tree and not up in the tree where it belongs.

I don't know what came over the Island King but even though we'd carried a heavy ladder into the woods he decided that if the Oldest Island Boy could climb the tree he could too.

I was trying really hard not to laugh but that man is long past his tree climbing days!

I was relieved when he decided to use the ladder.

Although, this picture - on the ladder - was not reassuring.

Once the cache was back in it's original spot we were off to find a few more caches and watch an amazing sunset in the woods.