First Monday of 2012

My friend, Sayre, has invited her blog friends to write a post for this First Monday of 2012.

She says "Christmas is over and now the process of changing over to a new year is in progress. It's a time for looking back and looking forward (hence the name January - for Janus, the God who looked to the past and the future). For this First Monday I'd like to hear about one accomplishment from the past year, and one thing you want to accomplish in 2012!"

I thought about this for a while, trying to decide what my biggest accomplishment from 2011 was and I tried to come up with something big and important that I accomplished last year and fell flat.

Which was depressing at first.

Until I really started thinking about it and while I may not have accomplished something major, I've accomplished a lot of small things.

Which in the end have made me a better person - I hope.

It also motivated me to do something more in this New Year - something more notable.

After all of this went through my head I realized this post has motivated me to really work at accomplishing the things I consider important.

But, as I was thinking all of this I realized that I have accomplished something that may sound trivial to others but has been a huge success for me.

I suffer from TERRIBLE road rage. Lose my religion, wish I could drive a tank down the street shooting all of the idiot drivers kind of road rage.

And since the kids are in the car with me most of the time they get to observe their mother's yelling, cussing, horn honking, bad behavior.

At the beginning of 2011 I decided to get a grip and stop letting traffic affect me like that.

It took a while and I'm not saying that I don't fall off the wagon every once in a while but 95% of the time I am able to remain calm and sane.

Even the kids have noticed that I'm not a mean, crazy lady on the highway anymore - which is a wonderful thing.

So I guess that's the most notable accomplishment from 2011.

Like I said, small and trivial for some but a giant step for me.

As for I intend to accomplish in 2012 that's a two fold kind of accomplishment.

I am going to quit smoking and get into shape.

No more cigarettes, no more junk food and lots of exercise.

It's going to be hard but I KNOW this is the year I will finally do it.

I'm just praying that the lack of nicotine and chocolate won't send me back onto the road rage path.

Wish me luck.

Now go over to Sayre's Smiles and see what others have already and are planning to accomplish.