My Dream Home

My Dad, the boys and I were out geocaching last week and about halfway between Navarre and Milton we left Hwy 87 and headed East into the Eglin Reservation.

We drove and drove and drove and then came to this sign.

We were very close to Blackwater Bay and were leaving Eglin property and entering the Water Management land.

We drove on a little farther and as we came around a curve, Blackwater Bay appeared in front of us and sitting there on the beach was my dream home.

With a For Sale sign in front!

I knew the minute I laid eyes on that property that I was meant to live there.

It's a 2.5 acre out-parcel surrounded by the Reservation and the Water Management group that fronts the Bay.

I've always said that my dream property would be in the middle of the woods but right on the water (salt water) at the same time.

And here it is.

This property fronts the Bay and then has a marsh/tidal creek bordering one side and the water management group property surrounding the rest.

There are other benefits as well.

It's completely off the grid. (It's so far out in the woods - there is no "grid" lol)

The home has a huge solar panel, a giant generator and a well so it's completely self sustainable.

All it lacks is some sort of Internet connection but I'm sure with the way wireless stuff works today we could find a solution for that.

And did I mention that it's IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE?

My idea of absolute heaven. The woods, my own private beach and not a living soul for miles.

And look at this oak in the middle of the yard.

I took the Island King out there and he's as in love with the place as I am.

Take a look at the virtual tour the realtor made.

This place has my name written all over it.

Now all I have to do is wrangling up 400k and the place will be mine!