Birmingham's Statue of Liberty Replica

I took the Island Girl and her best friend, Cruella DeVille, (don't ask) to Birmingham so they could attend a John and Hank Green book signing last week and instead of trying to make the 5 hour drive home after the signing we decided to spend the night.

Which meant we could explore a little before heading home the next day.

One of the things we saw online was that Birmingham is home to one of the largest Statue of Liberty replicas in the US.

Sounded like a good place to start our day.

It's a huge replica but because of the giant hwy in front of it, it's hard to get a good picture from the front.

I wish I'd known about this the night before because the Statue and torch are very well lit at night - which I'm sure is really pretty to see.

If you're ever in Birmingham, stop by and take a look - it's beautiful.